Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Group Projects in Google Classroom

Google Classroom has made some aspects of working with your class on Google Drive very simple but the team have not yet released an update which allows teachers to assign group work in a simplistic way. It is something teachers using Google Classroom mention quite often but in the meantime I came across a workaround. The idea was taken from this post by Brian McLane.

If you want your class to split up to research the different characters in a play such as MacBeth, present to the class and then everyone takes notes on each character during the presentations you might want to administer it like this:

There are other approaches:
Click here to read about Alice Keeler's work around for assigning group work.
The Gclassfolder add on can be used if you have a roster in a Google Sheet to create folders for your class and it is a great way to share resources and administer shared and collaborative projects via Google Drive, however the creators of gclassfolders are no longer supporting it since Google Classroom has been adopted widely. Doctopus is another add-on in sheets which can be used to create folder structures for your class based around assignments.


Mr B Rouse

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