Monday, 5 January 2015

Student Checklists

The use of student checklists is something that has been discussed

What is a student checklist and how do I construct one?

More information on student checklists, exemplar templates and where to find PiXL resources can be found here.

Examples of currently used checklists can be found here.

How to use Google Apps to create student checklists

If you create  template document in Google Drive for a topic, course or subject this can be distributed to students via Google Classroom as an assignment making a copy for each student. This will create a student checklist per student that is shared with the teacher.

Here is how another educator is using Google Classroom to implement Student Checklists with his colleagues.

This is not the only way to do this. Other options include:
Gclassfolders add  on in sheets can create folders for your class roster via a Google sheet and the checklists can be added to the folders

Copy the URL to your Google Doc checklist and replace "edit with copy" then when students click on the link they will be prompted to make a copy of the document
Change to

Some teachers prefer to have their class complete one document where they can all edit it themselves. Make sure you have a good level of trust in the class or at least know how to use "see revision history"


This post was written by Ben Rouse (Technology for Learning Lead Practitioner)  & Joe Gale (Head of Sixth Form)

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