Monday, 1 September 2014

Make Meetings Collaborative

Make your meeting minutes something that helps you and your team rather than something that you do out of duty.

Using Google Docs has made my meetings much more productive as everyone can contribute to the document before, during and after the meeting. The comment feature allows a discussion within the document or a review of past meeting notes. Colleagues can add agenda items in the run up to a meeting should someone not be able to physically be there they can follow the meeting from anywhere with a internet connection.
Example of meeting minutes I use

Here's how to get yours going:

1. Create a google document 

(here is a template I made earlier feel free to make a copy)

2. Share it with your team 

Each member of the team can have different access
      • Edit
      • Comment
      • View
You will also find the link for the document when you click on share. This can be copied and make shorter for people to access the document.

3. Make the link easy to find 

Provide a simple link to the document that people can use to access the minutes.
By using a URL shortener like or you can create a simple short link to the document, which can be displayed for your team to type into a browser. I used to create the link above to the template. Then everyone can get into the document during meetings and contribute or add to the notes whenever they have something to share.


Ben Rouse

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