Thursday, 25 September 2014

Adding Formative Assessment and a Markbook to Google Classroom

If you have been using Google Drive without an additional tool to manage the workflow then you need to try one of the following out:

Google Classroom

Introduced by Google in August 2014 to manage the flow of documents between students and teachers and provide aspects of the discussion available in Google+ in a safe private class environment.
It has been well received and I personally am enjoying using it as it is prompting genuine conversations between my students as they work on assignments and work I have put in our Google Classroom.
There are a few areas where educators are asking Google to develop the tool, most notably:
  • Having more than one teacher in a class
  • Formative Assessment
  • Attached Gradebook/Sheet
While I am not aware of a solution to the first issue there is a way to solve the other two.


New Vision Public Schools have a developer group that produce some amazingly useful "add ons" for use with Google Apps... for free. Doctopus is one of their offerings and predates Google Classroom. It allows teachers to set up a class roster and create folders, set and mark assignments within Google Apps. With the addition of Goobric, an extension to chrome that allows you to assign grading rubrics to an assignment it is a Learning Management system (LMS) that a number of teacher rely upon.

Now you can combine Google Classroom and Doctopus to...
  • Set assignments in Google Classroom
  • Create Gradebooks using Doctopus that take information from your Google Classrooms
  • Grade assignments using a formative assessment markscheme/rubric
  • Return formative feedback to the students alongside any grading
Here is my demo for an assignment I had already set in Google Classroom. 


Mr B Rouse
Technology for Learning Lead Practitioner

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