Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Introducing Google Classroom

Google have addressed the concern of educators grappling with Google Drive and created Google Classroom which is currently on limited preview release to a few educators who are testing it out and feeding back to Google.

While not as sophisticated as Hapara's teacher dashboard it is free and looks easy to use. You can view Hapara's response to Google Classroom by clicking here.

To see how it works there is a video from Roger Nixon, a teacher/administrator based in Oxfordshire who has been trying it out for a week or so.

I applied for a preview and am still waiting....

I think this looks like a simple way to clean up the workflow of using Google Apps in the classroom and I really hope Google develop the product to include more sophisticated sharing options once work is created and "turned in" so teacher have access to work while it is being completed and not just afterwards. The grading options are currently limited to a score out of 20/50/100 etc and in the UK I am sure we would like a wider range of grading options or give comment access automatically throughout the life of the assignment for teachers to give formative feedback.

Keep up the good work Google


B Rouse

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