Monday, 28 April 2014

Feedback on Online Work

If you are looking to use Google Drive for projects, homework or any piece of work in your class but worry about the process of marking then read/watch on... I used this add on to give support to my A-level students and make sure I knew their weaknesses before the next lesson.

Step 1:

Create a Google Form for students to submit work. Click here for an example from the Mathematics Faculty.

Note! The students will need some training in copying and pasting the link for their document. 
Click here for a video staff at Glyn School can show to students to help.

As long as the form can collect a student email you are in business.

Step 2:

When a person submits something on a Google Form it is collected in a Google Sheet (Google's excel spreadsheet)

Use the columns next to the student's answers to give feedback and grades for their work. You can include:

  • Links to useful websites, videos or images 
  • Give them a task to complete before your next lesson 
  • Ask them a follow-up question to think about.

Step 3:

Using the "Add on" tab on your Google Sheet, find Yet Another Mail Merge and add it.

Step 4:

Create a draft email using <<Column Header>> where you want the email to contain a particular column from your sheet when it emails the students.

Step 5: 

Get the mail merge done using the Yet Another Mail Merge option from your add-ons menu in you Google Sheet.


B Rouse

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