Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Blogging success

Blogs can sound like wandering the streets reading out your diary, however they have proved very successful in sharing ideas and reflecting on practice. They provide a great place for people to see what you are trying out and pick up ideas.

I have a few blogs for different purposes (all educationally related!)

1. Personal blog

I have found that writing a blog on developments in my own use of technology for learning has helped me reflect on my own practice and the place of technology in the classroom. If written professionally it can also be a useful way for colleagues or prospective employers to get a clear understanding of the things you are passionate about and what you have been pursuing professionally.
I have been writing about "Going Google" at our school, which has proved popular for people considering the same change.

Some examples of educators using this are
Paul Collins - Maths teacher reflecting on his teaching
John Tomsett - Head teacher
Secret Teacher - in this post they are responding to the lesson observation debate prompted by Ofsted's meetings with the Heads' Roundtable and other twittering teachers.

See my personal blog by clicking here

2. Training blog

This blog was created when our school went down the Google Apps for Education route as a way to allow staff to pick up tips and receive training as and when they need it.

Some examples are a learning and teaching blog by an AST for his school and others to learn from good ideas he has seen. Also Richard Bryne - Teacher on sabbatical sharing free tech for learning (award winning blog!)

3. Class blog (planning)

An idea stolen from Carrie-Ann Philbin is to use a blog to plan and structure lessons for classes so they have a easy way to access material and review the learning. Blogs can be scheduled to publish at a later date once they are written so this allows me to plan a few lessons and link to resources and insert homework but not give away anything I don't want to.

See my year 9 class blog I use to share resources and objectives by clicking here.

4. Class blog (reflection)

I have one written by the students each lesson where they describe the lesson and the topic we are studying. Parents follow the blog so they get an email every time we publish our blog on the lesson. I signed up for a quadblog with this blog and three other classes (from California, Melbourne and Singapore) commented on our blog and shared ideas.
Here is a resource that might be useful:
How to Set Yourself Up for Classroom Blogging Success

My class blog written by the students can be viewed by clicking here.


Mr B Rouse

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