Friday, 3 January 2014

Using QR codes for Learning

A while ago I presented to staff o using QR codes in education. Below is the QR code you can scan in order to access the site associated with the presentation.

If this post works then you should be able to scan it, create your own and find a use for QR codes in your own practice.

Scanning a QR code

On your PC

Windows 8 - Easy QR 
Download for desktop - Quickmark

On your Phone/Tablet

Android - Google Goggles
Apple - QRreader 
Blackberry - QRreader

Creating a QR code

Anything from a simple line of text to a website can be accessed via a QR code. To simply create a QR code that will go to a line of text use Kaywa, which will also convert web links to QR codes too.

Possible applications in Education

Accessing information around the classroom

Treasure Hunts

This link takes you to a site where you can create a treasure hunt of QR codes. By using this you can send students on a classroom/whole school adventure using their phones to scan the QR codes and access questions or clues.

Click here for an extensive set of possible uses of QR codes in education.


Mr B Rouse

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