Monday, 6 January 2014

Technology for Learning Training Opportunites

In addition to in-school training you might feel that further training would be useful. Here are a few possible ways to add to your understanding of how to use Google tools for education.

Certified Courses

Google in Education's training for using the tools in the classroom.
If you are more interested in moving to the management of Google Apps consider this.
Become a Google Certified Trainer if you already have a good understanding of the tools.
Sophia offers student and staff support. Here is their Google Chrome traning package, which allows you to become certified.

Informal Training options

Google plus (which all staff with a Google Login can access) has communities for asking Google Drive questions and everything you could need to know about using Google in education.
Twitter is exceptional professional development if you create a professional account and follow educators.
Don't forget my own youtube channel,
There are some other excellent youtube channels for picking up how to use Google tools in education. The best I know of is Google Gooru.

The document below comes from @rmbyrne's free technology for teachers guides. Google for Teachers

Educational Technology (Edtech) is becoming more essential. Below is an infographic displaying some of the compelling data behind the need for teachers to have a better understanding of when technology can enhance learning.


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