Saturday, 4 January 2014

Google Cultural Institute

This is an amazing resources created by Google. They have walked around a large number of galleries, museums, historic monuments and world wonders taking high resolution pictures or paintings and artifacts in order to allow people to access them via the Google Cultural Institute. It consists of three strands

  • Art Project
  • Historical Monuments
  • World Wonders

Users with a Google account (any student at a school with Google Apps for Education, like our school) can login and create galleries and collections from around the world for a project, coursework (controlled assessment I should say!) or just because it is fascinating.

Here is a brief video to show you how to login and get started. I imagine the ideas will flow once you see what is there.

One feature is the ability to zoom in to brush stroke level for a selection of paintings. Here are a few snap-shots of Van Gogh's "The Bedroom" taken from the Art Project.

By far the most exciting part of it for education is the way students and teachers can create their own collections and share them.

Mr B Rouse

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