Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Exam Feedback with Google Forms and Sheets

As the mock exams have passed and the push to the summer exams begins in earnest we are all trying to find ways to feedback to our students on the areas they can improve on and how to do it.

Google Forms

A Google form is a questionnaire tool that is part of the Google Tools you can access via Google Drive. In education they can be used for feedback from staff and students.

Here is a simple example.

 And here is how I created it.

Google Sheets

All responses from a Google form are automatically collected in a Google Sheet ready to be reviewed and analysed. Simple analysis is done for you as long as the questions are multiple choice or checkbox type questions. This analysis can be accessed via

  1. Form
  2. Show summary of responses

Google Script

I have used Google forms for asking students to rate each question from an assessment Red (no idea) Amber (some idea but not sure) Green (got it!) and set up a script from the script gallery (only available in old Google sheets at the moment) which emails them relevant information and resources based on their responses.
The scripts I recommend are

For each of these the Google form will need a question asking for an email address from the respondent. 

All of the options above allow you to collect information and automate a response based on the submissions people make. It means students can

  • be emailed video solutions to a test but only for the questions they get wrong.
  • receive tailored feedback for the areas they identified as a weakness
  • be booked into a catch up session if they score below a particular grade

Exam Feedback and Review

In my mathematics faculty we are getting the students to enter their question by question scores into a Google form which will allow the individual teachers to filter for their class and identify which questions were carried out badly. It will also allow the Key Stage 5 leader to carry out analysis on groups of students who identified that they did not revise or for those significantly below targets. 

Each student will receive one of 6 emails. They are set up for the following situations:
  1. Students who did not get a grade
  2. Students on an E grade
  3. Students 2 grades below target
  4. Students who did not revise
  5. Students on A/A*
  6. General feedback for all
The emails contain similar information but the wording and resources can be tailored for the audience.
Here is a quick video tour of the Google form and response sheet used for this.

If Carlsburg did student feedback

This is what is possible if you really get script happy with your class data.

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