Monday, 6 January 2014

Creating Videos and Adding Questions in Youtube

I have been creating instructional videos since 2011 when a colleague joined my school who had been doing so as a school project.

Creating videos

The tools I use are:

Using these tools I create a smartnotebook slide with the relevant information I need for the video such as questions or examples. Once this is complete I go to the screencast-o-matic website and click on "start recording" which produces a dotted perimeter allowing you to select which section of your screen you wish to record.
Then click record and using the tablet and pen I can write out the working for any examples.

If you simply use the free version of screencast-o-matic you can only create one video at a time and ahve to wait for it to convert or upload. If you pay for an account you can edit your videos afterwards and upload them to a larger selection of websites or into different formats. I have linked my two Youtube channels to the account and can edit and upload to either once a video is complete. Below is a video showing the tools I use for making a video (ironically this video is made in another way, using Google Hangouts on Air)

Adding questions to youtube videos

Recently I have found a new tool that is in the beta "testing" stage. You can ask to get involved and try adding questions to your video. Below is on I did earlier and I have also added the video of how I did it.

Currently I have not found out how you show the person watching the video is they were correct. Hence why it is in testing phase I suppose.


Mr B Rouse

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