Thursday, 12 December 2013

Google Sheets

Begin a journey to Automate Your World

"Who has the spreadsheet open!?" need never be heard again if you move your spreadsheet work to Google Sheets. Once you have come down from the high of finding out that you will no longer have to scour the school for the person in the room booking spreadsheet or the data tracking spreadsheet, you can then start to discover the power of Google Sheets to automate your world.

What are Google Sheets?

Google's spreadsheets "Google Sheets" provides a spreadsheet like the traditional excel but with all the collaboration benefits of working in the cloud.
Google sheets has had revamp, so if you have used them before and found them a bit slow or didn't like adding new columns, time to try them again. Here is a brief video about the updates.

What can they do that Excel cannot?

All this shows you is that Google Sheets is the same as Excel and that is not true. For displaying data there are some great extras. Lets say we ask people where they went on holiday last year and a few other questions (I sent a survey around on Twitter and Google+) here are a few things you can do with the data in Google Sheets.

I hope to have excited at least a few Geographers about Google Sheets.To spread the Google Sheets love out to other subjects:

What about Automating my feedback and AfL?

Consider this
What if the students could be pre-tested for understanding prior to each topic and have a WWW/EBI and question sheet generated for each student. Furthermore... the information can be grouped by classteacher and feed into planning.

I will let Oli Trussel's site explain in more detail.

Enjoy, I know I do!

Ben Rouse

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