Monday, 11 November 2013

My Drive is a Mess!... Try this

Best Practice Guide to Setting up your Google Drive

We are approaching two months of Google Drive and some teachers have blazed a trail for you and experiemented with how to best share with students using Google Drive. I have taken their feedback and am going to present the best way to set up folders for your classes and how best to share to keep organised.

For advice I suggest you visit Computing or PE, as they are leading faculties in using Google Drive so far.

What students should do:
1. Create a folder titled "Subject - Their Name" (as a class teacher you may want to instruct them to add more detail if you teach a specific topic or module).
2. Share the fodler with the appropriate teacher(s).
3. All work created for that subject should be created in the folder.

What teachers should do:
1. Create two folders per class (this is a minimum as you may wish to add more)
  • One folder should be for classwork where you drag and drop (if using Google Chrome) the student folders, which will appear in shared with me once they have created and shared them. This folder should not be shared with the students.
  • The other folder is for sharing resources and should be shared with the class so they can view only. If they need to edit your resources they can make a copy for their own drive.
2. Watch the videos on marking and feedback in Google Drive

Google drive allows you to essentailly look at a students classwork whenever you feel like it, even if they are working on it at the time. Hence by creating a folder it puts all your student's work in one place making it easier for you to find.

Nervous about getting started?

Students with a particular interest or ability in technology are joining me to help lead on technology for learning. Look out for the students and their badges soon.

Please let me know of any issues or successes and remember that this all works more effectively in Google Chrome.

Mr Rouse

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