Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Getting students to act upon your feedback

Ofsted inspector Mary Myatt says that in inspections, she sees: Lots of books have lots of ticks, the odd comment and no expectation that any thing should be done as a result of that comment.’

Using Google Drive for feedback can be more time consuming than written comments but do the students always take your advice and put in place the feedback you give them?

If students create a document in Google Drive and complete their work there you can add comments (see videos below) and then see whether the students have acted upon your feedback as the revision history for the document is stored and can be viewed by the teacher if the student shares the document with them.

Here you can see revision history for a students work. I can see just how long they spent on their homework and whether they changed their work based on my feedback.

To access the revision history go to file when in a student's document.

Adding written feedback

Adding Verbal Feedback

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