Thursday, 3 October 2013

Twitter for Teachers

You may have heard teenagers or footballer use twitter and the results are less than inspiring. However I have found twitter to be the most useful, engaging and effective professional development ever...

This post offers a few useful guides and tips to help you understand how twitter might work to support you as a teacher who wants to develop. Here is a quick guide to getting started from Lisa Nielson who blogs as the "innovative teacher".

Why tweet?

twitter for professional deveopment

@What does #it all mean

Where to start?

The best way to get started is to create a professional account named in a way you wouldn't mind parents and students discovering. Pictures can be objects rather than your face. 

I suggest a search of #ukedchat. This is a hashtag used to denote that the tweet relates to uk education. If you search for this you will be given a string of tweets from people contributing to discussions and ideas about UK education. These people may be a good starting point for people to follow.

Happy Tweeting

Mr Rouse
Technology for Learning Lead Practitioner

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