Wednesday, 23 October 2013

New Learning Portal Layout

The Learning Portal site has had a makeover.

Key Changes:
  • The login box is at the top of the page.
  • The Google tools are now at the top of the page once you have logged in.
  • Other Glyn Links is a drop=down menu at the top.
  • Glyn's twitter feed can be viewed on the site
  • Notices can be placed on the site by teachers (need to be approved) and be viewable by either (click on wordpress "W" in top left to add a post)
    • Everyone who views the site (public news/events)
    • Logged in Students (meetings and notices)
    • Logged in Teachers only (meeting or training reminders)
Please note that the notices email will still be in operation
This makes the faculty sites more prominent
Here is some guidance to help you understand how to use the new layout to get to Google Drive and other tools.

Logging in:

Logged in:

Updates to the learning portal and Google tools will be a common thing as developments and improvements are always being made.
Mr B Rouse

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