Sunday, 11 August 2013

Getting started with Glyn Technology for Learning

How to get the most out of Google Apps for Education at Glyn

"One of the best things my school has done over the past few years is get Google Apps. Made such a difference. Happy to help." Martin Burrett, Y5/6 Teacher in Colchester & educational speaker. Sharing online school resources on my award winning site

Glyn has created a Google account for every staff member and student managed by the school. This will allow you to... 

  • share documents rather than creating another copy.
  • collaborate on a document, you will see everyone editing at the same time. Great for joint planning or group projects. This allows you to monitor student's work throughout projects.
  • log in from anywhere at any time.
Getting started:

How to access your account:

  1. Go to 
  2. Click on "Learning Site" (
  3. Login with your username (surname and first initial e.g. rouseb) and password (issued to teachers)

How to add a post to the Glyn Learning Site

Using Google Apps

Once you have logged in and clicked on one of the Google applications you will see a black bar across the top of your browser window containing the different tools available to you. This means You can also...
  • create a blog to share lesson information, policies, best practice.
  • create sites to give students a range of resources for your course
  • share calendar entries with staff and students to organise working groups, clubs and classes.
Instructional videos for setting up and getting started with each of these applications will follow be included in this blog and on the YouTube channel tech4glyn (see results get hand side of this blog) to help you make the most of the new facilities. 

This is an exciting development and I hope this blog helps you get the most out of technology for learning at Glyn. 

Ben Rouse

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